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The brand
Nina Deckers vision for LAZUL is led by her organic approach to design and love for artisanship. Vibrant hand drawn prints, unusual colour combinations and exquisite artisan details make the pieces instantly recognizable and unique.
LAZUL embodies feminine and playful designs and effortless elegance. A free spirited ease, inspired by the bohemian and nomadic chic of the 70s is signature to the brand.

Exquisite high quality fabrics meet impeccable workmanship. LAZUL has always understood and mastered the art of creating fluid feminine shapes with modern silhouettes. The luxurious fabrics allow the dresses, tunics, kaftans and jumpsuits to be worn from beach to dinner by simply changing styling details.

The brand’s swimwear collections celebrate the female shape and accentuate the body. Highly specialised garment technology is applied to create bikinis and swimsuits that fit perfectly and benefit from subtle support. The pieces feature bespoke accessories and unusual charms that are exclusively made for LAZUL in Italy and Spain and add unique and fun details to the swim pieces.
the designer
Based in Ibiza, having lived and studied in London for 20 years, and growing up between Italy and Germany, Nina had a passion for swimwear and kaftans from the age of 12 and started collecting. She drew inspiration from her mother’s extensive wardrobe and her pieces are still used in the LAZUL archives today. A key item of every LAZUL collection is the kaftan, reflecting the sophistication of a bygone era and slipping effortlessly into the modern wardrobe. The designer’s firm belief in style over fashion is reflected in her and her teams fearless approach to colours and the unusual design process. Nina is committed to exceptional quality and exquisite fabrics, artisan work and bespoke details. She believes in statement pieces and her vision is to give the LAZUL woman confidence by making her feel feminine and special, and to have fun with the exceptional designs.
Craftmanship, Manufacturing, Ethics
LAZUL’s underlying philosophy is the pursuit of quality, upholding European craftsmanship and excellence in design as well as ethical practices. LAZUL promotes longevity of a garment.

A pioneer in responsible manufacturing, all LAZUL pieces are made in Europe in the brand’s own factory in Portugal. Each LAZUL piece can be traced back to the member of the production team who hand finished it. Nina’s family’s heritage in the high end fashion segment, is reflected in the outstanding expertise, craftsmanship and quality of all of LAZUL’s garments.

LAZUL supports traditional family businesses that preserve craftmanship, such as jacquard knitting in France, cotton trims in Austria, hand finished accessories and charms in Spain, screen silk printing process in the North of Italy.

The brand focuses on sustainability, and switches to biodegradable packaging, and eradicating plastic in the brand’s production circle to further reduce environmental impact. LAZUL feels strongly about the protection of nature and wildlife and supports various institutions.

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